OpenDNS DNSCrypt: Encrypt DNS Traffic, Secure Yourself From Eavesdropping, Man-in-the-middle Attacks

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  1. Mezanul – I love how you used the smart button in your post. Thanks for helping us spread the word about DNSCrypt and make the Internet a bit safer.


    • Mezanul says:

      You are welcome Allison. Thank you for stopping by. I am using OpenDNS Crypt myself and I am very happy with it. Glad OpenDNS came up with such a good and useful software. :)

  2. Frank Denis says:

    dnscrypt itself works on a variety of operating systems: BSD, Solaris, iOS, Android, Linux…

    What only exists for OSX and Windows is optional user interfaces for starting the service and changing DNS settings.

    Also, the “DNSCrypt over TCP 443″ checkbox doesn’t exist any more, since the current versions of these UIs automatically figure out what the best settings are.

    Already using OpenDNS is not required. dnscrypt will forward queries to OpenDNS (by default) when enabled no matter what.

    Current versions can be downloaded from Github:

    – dnscrypt: (instructions for Windows: – generic instructions: )

    – GUI for OSX:

    – Official GUI for Windows: (the source code for the current version is not available yet)

    – Alternative GUI for Windows:

    – GUI for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch:

  3. John Hallquist says:

    Can it run silently in the background (or minimize to the system tray)? It looks like this is mostly for clients, would it be a good idea to put this on a server?

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