Microsoft Bing Desktop Automatically Sets Bing Background Image as Wallpaper

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4 Responses

  1. Revia Veney says:

    how do you change the image if you are just not ‘feeling’ the one of the day?

  2. Pi Bi says:

    installed on Vista,it works well
    uninstalling also no problem

  3. Alan says:

    Hi guys, I used to have it working perfectly well on windows 8.1 but one day it got uninstalled. My question for you is how do I get it back? I have tried downloading the bing desktop again but so far nothing. Each morning when I get up I always go to the Bing Desktop icon in windows 8.1 and click it. As this used to work until it got uninstalled. So how do I get it back???

  4. Alan says:

    I just tried to click on the icon just now and got hit with the warning that this icon will no longer work so I just had it deleted. I have a funny feeling that if I get this icon back then everything will start working again but being a novice I don’t know for sure…

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