Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Promo For $39.00 Online, $69.99 Retail

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  1. Carl Dolc says:

    ¡¡¡Excelentes noticias!!! :) :)
    Por ese precio, considero que muchas personas podran actualizar sus sistemas operativos a la ultima version de Windows, solo falta saber:

    – ¿En que paginas se podran hacer las compras?
    – ¿En cuantos aparatos se podra instalar esta actualizacion?

    Creo que esto ultimo es importante porque muchos contamos por lo menos con dos PC’s (escritorio y Laptop) y si nos permite hacer la actualizacion en los dos, eso seria fantanstico……..

    [English Translation]
    ¡¡¡Great news!!! :) :)
    For that price, I believe that many people will be able to upgrade their operating systems to the latest version of Windows, we just need to know:

    – What pages is made may be shopping?
    – In how many devices you may install this update?

    I think this last is important because many we have at least two PCs (desktop and laptop) and if we can do the upgrade on both, that would fantanstico ……..

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