How To Change Windows 8 Key To Activate Windows 8 Using A New Product Key? [Complete Tutorial]

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8 Responses

  1. evan larsen says:

    Thank you, this article helped me out!

  2. Amutuhaire Robert says:

    what is the product key

  3. Irfan Doggar says:

    I Love u dear…thanks

  4. Jim says:

    Simple, quick & easy to follow. Works like a charm. Thanks

  5. Ray says:

    Perfection. Thanks for the help. Even learned a couple of hotkeys that will come in handy for Windows 8 desktop’s lack of a classic start button.

  6. dara says:

    i can not do follow because i dont understand

  7. tomy says:

    slui.exe 3 ! .. Brilliant , just what i needed :)

  8. asadullah says:

    I have a prodect key

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