How To Create Windows 7 System Recovery Disk

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  1. Duke Doje says:

    Wow this site is really informative Thanks.

  2. There is another method without burning a cd, you can make this rescue usb just with some command lines, here are those:

    cd c:recovery
    dir /a:sh
    cd YOUR_GUID_DIRECTORY (only subdirectory in c:recovery)
    dir /a:sh
    xcopy /h boot.sdi F:boot
    echo F|xcopy /h Winre.wim F:sourcesboot.wim
    cd c:windowsboot
    xcopy /h dvdpcatbcd F:boot
    xcopy /h dvdpcaten-USbootfix.bin F:boot
    xcopy /h pcatbootmgr F:
    attrib -r -s -h /s F:*
    list disk
    select disk 1
    list partition
    select partition 1
    list partition

    don’t worry, i have tasted it, it works.
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