Download Windows 7 and Windows Vista System Repair/Recovery Disc

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  1. M S ALGAHTANI says:

    I bought a toshipa laptop with Windows Vista Business but using the recovery cd it went to windows xp PLEASE HELP ME

    • Mezanul says:

      Hello M S Algahtani,

      As you have mentioned that the laptop came with Vista Business, I am assuming here that you used the Vista Recovery Disk, and using a recovery disk, it is never possible that it “went back to Windows XP.” Are you sure you haven’t used a Windows XP installation disk when trying to recover Vista?

  2. M S ALGAHTANI says:

    the recovery cd that cme with my laptop was windows xp i thought that it was vista please help me get vesta recovery

    • Mezanul says:

      So what this means is your laptop came pre-installed with Windows XP first and you later brought and installed genuine Windows Vista later?

      Can you tell me more about your partitions? Then I may be able to help you further.

  3. M S ALGAHTANI says:

    no my laptop came pre-installed with genuine Windows vista business first but the recovery cd that was provided by the dealer was windows xp
    what i understood after i had used it that i should have made my own recovery cd with win vista
    my partitions is the way my win xp did it

    • Mezanul says:

      If your Windows Vista was a genuine one and it came with your laptop pre-installed, then I think you should contact your laptop vendor about the problem asap. The only way to get back Windows Vista now is by re-installing it using the Vista installation media (not the recovery disk). You can try using the Vista Recovery disk mentioned here, but I am not confident if it will be able to help you much, since, you have already formatted the Vista partitions using Windows XP disk. :(

      I still don’t understand why your vendor gave you a Windows XP disk, you should really ask that guy why he gave you the Windows XP disk instead of Vista..

      Anyways, I can only say that you should take care what disk you are using and what you are doing when reinstalling/repairing the operating system or formatting the computer. If you don’t know what you are doing you should take the help of an expert or a friend who knows the stuff very well.

      Do tell me if your laptop vendor helped you or not…

  4. M S ALGAHTANI says:

    I bought my laptop at Singapore airport while travelling through
    now I’m in Indonesia and I live in Saudi Arabia

  5. asif says:

    i m using vista business in my dell vostro. But i dont have recovery partition. can i still able to recover my os using windows vista recovery disc

    • Mezanul says:

      Asif, you can recover your Vista using the recovery disk. But it depends upon the extent of damage. There is a difference between recovery done through the recovery partition and recovery using the recovery disk.

      Provide us with some more details about your problem, so that we can help you out.

  6. rohun says:

    i have hp pavilion dv6 3120 model..
    i hav created the recovery disc and system repair disc….
    can i repair the system without losing files ??


  7. Amal says:

    I don’t know how,but i created a system repair disc from windows 7.It was a beta version build 7000
    But i don’t see any option to do that in the Windows 7 SP 1 7601 version.It does have all the repair options as the original install disc and works perfectly fine with Windows 7 SP 1.
    I saved $ 9.75 just by using the free beta version of windows 7.(now i have the RTM version)

  8. John says:

    Need a restore disc for HP g6-2123us;-0000
    (Email address removed for privacy protection)

  9. Mark says:

    I am stuck in a repair loop on my ACER 6530G and I am wondering if this VISTA recovery disc will help in getting me up and running again….even just temporarily

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