Universal USB Installer: Make Linux Live USB Flash Drives with Persistent Storage

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3 Responses

  1. Pkmmte says:

    Would there be a way to have persistent storage on a pendrive that has multiple distros?

    I currently run Ubuntu 11.10, BackTrack5, BitDefender Rescue, Partition Helper, and Clonezilla. All of them on the same flash drive (16GB with amazing read/write speeds).
    It annoys me how I spent hours customizing Ubuntu only to find that it all reset back to normal as soon as I rebooted my computer.

  2. Anthony says:

    My question as a Linux newb is does the universal USB installer use the entire flash drive or can it be installed on one with existing data? I have a 4GB drive formatted fat32 with 2.6GB free, will it work on that?

    • Mezanul says:

      You’ve to first format the USB flash drive in order to make it bootable. So, I will suggest you to backup your data to your hard drive before proceeding.

      After the USB drive is ready with the Linux OS, you can utilize the free space. You can simply create a folder into it and copy back your contents.

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