Emsisoft Anti-Malware 5, Mediaraptor Platinum 4, CodySafe Sigma Giveaway Winners Announced

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28 Responses

  1. azziz says:

    WOW I am a winner of a codysafe sigma licence, many thanks for organizing this contest and congratulation to all winners in everyfield. Thanks to codysafe softmaker for providing such opportunity.

  2. ibheck says:

    I first say thank you very much to those who have made this giveaway, I would like to congratulate both the winners and the third giveaway that have not been fortunate to keep trying


  3. ROHIT says:

    Thanks for conducting the giveaway.I am one of the winner of codysafe sigma license. Congratulation to all winners. Best Regards.

  4. Rofy says:

    Thanks, like I included in the list of people who are lucky to get a license code of CodySafe Sigma.
    All this made me even more impatient to try the ability of CodySafe Sigma..

  5. amon says:

    I’m glad to be one of the lucky winners of Mediaraptor Platinum 4. Thank you so much.


  6. malkhaz says:

    thank you for this giveaway

  7. Cappydawg says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I was one of the lucky winners. Love the site too. I check it daily.

  8. malkhaz says:

    thank you. I am a winner

  9. Mezanul says:

    We apology for the delay in sending the licenses.

    Emsisoft Anti-Malware 5 and Mediaraptor Platinum 4 licenses are already dispatched to the respective winners.

    If you haven’t yet received/can’t find the license code in your inbox, please look into your spam/junk mail box. If you still cannot find the email with the license key, please send us an email to Enable images for email address

    CodySafe Sigma license winners will receive their licenses by tomorrow.

  10. paf says:

    Thank you very much, Mezanul, I’m very glad for winning the Mediaraptor license. Congratulations to the other winners and to you. Cheers.

  11. Cappydawg says:

    Hey, just got my license key for Emsisoft. I will be installing it on my new acer netbook. Thank you very much!!

  12. damian says:

    Hi, i’ve received the license, thank you for Media Raptor and Mytechguide for Giveaway.

  13. ded says:

    I am a winner of a Mediaraptor Platinum 4 licence.Thank you.
    Congratulation to all winners.



    I, got it, thanks.

  15. aungzeya38 says:

    i got the license key for Emsisoft Anti-malware . Thanks so much

  16. malkhaz says:

    I got the licence key for Mediaraptor. thank you very much

  17. Suhan says:

    Hi ,
    I got the Mediaraptor license yesterday ..
    thank you for all your efforts ….!

  18. kezako says:


    I am a winner of a Codysafe sigma licence, thanks for your giveaway, but I haven’t receive the licence :(
    Please can you see why ?
    Thanks in advance ;-)

  19. John says:

    Being one of the lucky winners of Mediaraptor, I must thank Mezanul and Rapidsolution Software for this great chance to own such a cool piece of software, it rocks.


  20. Mezanul says:

    Dear CodySafe Sigma Winners,

    I would like to first apology for the unwanted delay in dispatching the licenses to you all. It has been a hectic week for me with a lot of deadlines. So, I couldn’t help…

    Anyways, I am dispatching the licenses now, and all winners will receive their free CodySafe Sigma license within 1 hour.

  21. Mezanul says:

    Update: All the emails with the license codes are dispatched. If you haven’t still yet received your license, please check your spam/junk mail.

    If you still can’t find it, please contact us asap.

  22. kezako says:


    It’s OK now, thank you !

  23. vhick says:

    Thank you very much for winning CodySafe Sigma!

    I already receive and install the license…

    Thank you…

  24. corker says:

    Hi, Mezanul!

    I have just found my CodySafe Sigma license that you sent. I am downloading the installer now.

    Again, thank you very much!

  25. Bionic says:

    thanks once again mezanul for all reviews,articles and time spent & of course thanks codyssey & others.
    i received the license now & infos, all very professionally, thank you very much.

    there’s great usability in this launcher, i like apps depot & management, a very slick portable applications launcher.
    this will be great cause i have a slew of portable applications, some created by myself using nsis & other wrappers,scripts

    i also downloaded the larger packs from codyssey’s apps depot

    overall great impression of product & codyssey website.

  26. ROHIT says:

    Thanks Mezanul. I got my license. Best Regards :).

  27. Rofy says:

    Thank you for the license that I have received, Mezanul. CodySafe Sigma works the way you described earlier. Quite useful.

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