Install Google Chrome For All Users Using Google Chrome Standalone Enterprise Edition

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11 Responses

  1. jon says:

    atlast chrome has a standalone ability !

  2. Matic says:

    Thanks for this post! …it would be nice that Chrome would auto-detect if I am administrator and if yes than it would install it for all users.

  3. R.P.Rozema says:

    The mentioned .msi download page now only returns a 404-page not found error. i.e. the msi installer seems to have been taken offline together with google-pack. Does anyone have yet another method to install Chrome for all users on the same machine?

  4. bug menot says:

    What a god-awful installation experience – even (at least) one of the downloaded installer direct from their site is broken by design! Unless you happen to find the exact right (and hidden) links to one that does what you want. Way to make it simpler, LOL.

    Thanks for info on how to get around this nonsense! :)

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