AVG Antivirus 2011 Free [Offline Installer, Download Links]

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24 Responses

  1. idarmadi says:

    Seems like the link is broken (as of today).

    Error msg : “File not found”.

  2. Guru says:

    thank uuuu..

  3. Muslim says:


    Thanks for the initiative, but the links would inevitable expire as they update the files.

    So here I found new ones:

  4. Tanelorn says:

    Your links are both 32-bit :)

  5. khurram says:

    all the links that you provide are totaly fake and broken..
    please provide me the correct link..


  6. bhagabati says:

    thanks a lot for avg 2011.I was downloaded perfectly and no need to online installation.

  7. Umer says:

    The link is working correctly……………..Why all of you are lying.

  8. Aviram says:

    Thanks a lot, works perfectly fine as of now!

  9. STDD says:

    Download AVG Antivirus 2011 32-bit (166 MB) – file is corrupt!!!!

  10. Abhorenz says:


  11. Arslan says:

    Thanks .all links are working :)

  12. david hill says:

    i download the new avg 2012 and keep’s crashing my computer and then when i get my laptop running again it come’s up with a error!! x86

  13. Idamyudik says:

    How to download.

  14. E CAMP says:

    This is about how to uninstall avg completely. I have 8, 9 and 10 on my computer. Tried the AVG removal tool from their website with no success. Also, saw a post that said to install AVG but in setup choose uninstall, am reluctant to put anymore AVG on my system. Have Windows XP (I know, it’s ancient). It does not show up in add/remove programs, I think I removed via that route when I switched to Webroot. Any advice to get AVG off? What prompted this is when I installed Google Chrome I started to get a message after a few weeks that “AVG has crashed”. Did not even realize it was still there so I did a search and sure enough, tons of stuff remain. Thanks.

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