AudialsOne 8 Review

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8 Responses

  1. grr says:

    Hi Mezanul.
    thanks for the review. The new version looks very interesting than he older one, which I used borrowing from a friend.

    Among so many things, i have a suggestion for the developer.
    Up on installation there should be a custom mode to let the user select what additional features they want to install.
    I’m looking forward for the giveaway.


  2. Jon says:

    audialsone 8
    great !

  3. azziz says:

    thanks for this review, hope they will also provide a U3 installer

  4. Old-Geek says:

    I have been using Audials One 8 for two days and have experienced a lot of problems with the auto-tag functionality. I have a huge music collection (86000 +) files, the majority of them are already properly tagged including with album art etc. However, within the collection there are also a lot of ‘widows’, which I have been manually identifying and tagging. When seeing the ‘auto-tagging’ function mentioned as one of the key features in the new Audials version, I fell for the ploy and spent the 60 €… First of all, when I select the folder with the main music collection on my home server for tagging, the software freezes for a few minutes. Ïf left alone, it starts the tagging process, informing me that it will take 1441 + hours!!!!! I made one attempt earlier today, which after about 5 hours had come down to about 1100 hours on the ‘estimated time left’. Then I had to use the work station from which the tagging was running for something, and after a few minutes the tagging process crashed and had to be restarted.. It seems to be restarting the whole process from pont 0, which seems like a very poor implementation of the tagging algorithm!!! When I do it manually from within another music management sw e.g. Mediamonkey, the tagging sticks and I do not have to repeat it, so if my assumption is correct, this must be something that the sw engineers must fix forthwith , otherwise this sw is not worth shit! I don’t care about the internet radio functionality, which I already have in good measure via much simpler sw (wo recording everything!). If I were to rate the new version I would give it just 1 star due to the slow speed and instability!

    PS After the restart it seems to go more slowly thant before only about 11 hour down in 22 minutes vs 16 hrs in 22 minutes after the first attempt!

  5. POS says:

    this thing is a pile of shit!
    wile recording any movie it also records a red haze.
    also to get support from the manufacture you must register on there site.

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