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  1. bethel95 says:

    This sounds good, but I’ve yet to see it actually work in a way that’s not completely annoying. When I had Login Approvals enabled on my home PC, every FB login attempt was identified as a “new” computer, and I had to go through the full authentication process each time. No amount of tweaking that I tried fixed this, and I got no help from FB’s “help” to understand how LA works or what might be going wrong, so I had to disable it.

    It’s just a guess, but I’m wondering if part of the LA authentication is the IP address–since I use dynamic IP, that would explain FB’s seeing my computer as “new” each time. Again, that’s just a wild guess, though, as FB isn’t saying what it’s checking.

    • Mezanul says:

      bethel95, I am facing some other kind of issue when I am trying to access from my Ubuntu PC. I think its with my carrier as I am not receiving the verification codes. :(

      I haven’t been able to check about the problem that you are facing. I will check in my PC which is authorized later to see if I am getting similar issue.

      I think Facebook has a lot of work to do before they can provide something which Google provides at this moment.

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